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evensen law office blind justiceWhen an insurance company denies a claim, you need someone who will fight to protect your rights, challenge the insurance company’s denial, and work to recover all the benefits you are entitled to under the law. Collecting from insurance companies can be time consuming, frustrating, and difficult. For over a decade, Chris Evensen has handled Workers’ Compensation claims for hard working individuals whose benefits were denied by the workers’ compensation insurance company. Evensen Law Office also assists individuals injured in automobile/truck accidents, slip and fall injuries, and various types of personal injury claims.

Why Evensen Law Office?
Evensen Law Office is tireless in the pursuit of all benefits when a valid claim has been unjustly denied, or when the insurance company tries to pay the injured client less than the claim deserves. Evensen Law Office stands behind their clients and goes the extra mile to ensure they get the personal attention, the best legal representation, and the results they need and deserve. We pride ourselves on the level of commitment we provide to our clients and believe we have the best and most dedicated team to fight for what is rightfully yours. Chris Evensen has represented hundreds of individuals; helping them recover benefits arising from their injuries, and has successfully argued cases on behalf of his clients to the Supreme Court of Kentucky, resulting in multiple victorious cases published by the Court setting precedent for future cases.
When the insurance company refuses to do what is right and required by law, or if they just make things difficult through delays/denials and other measures, we can fight to make things right.

Our team is qualified and prepared to assist you through every step of the way. Contact our office in Louisville, Kentucky for a free consultation if you have a serious claim and need someone to fight for you.